Welcome to my blog, Don’t Mess With The Receptionist!

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My name is Ewa and I’m the person behind the Don’t Mess With The Receptionist blog.

First of all I wanted to thank you for spending some time on reading my posts!

Few words to start off…

I always say that tourism and hospitality industry are in my blood. I graduated in Tourism and Recreation and luckily I am working in this industry since 2010.

Since I can remember I was dreaming about being able to live in a different countries for a longer period of time in order to immerse myself in each culture. And without even noticing it that dream of mine started to come true. 

The road to achieve that kind of life consists of smaller goals towards which I was working for step by step. And in one of this steps, accidentally appeared hostels.

My hostel story

The Lunar Surf House, Tamraght, Morocco

My first hostel work opportunity happened in 2012 in London. However it wasn’t the point when I completely lost my heart to this industry. Since than I’ve been working in different accommodation types, where I was gathering experiences and knowledge.

After completing my Masters degree I bought my one-way ticket to Spain. I have started my first solo adventure by living in Valencia without knowing anyone there.

And the moment when I started to work in a hostel there…was a GAME CHANGER.

Suddenly it became a big part of my life. And it opened the whole new world to me. The world of hostels.

What hostels are for me?

When I started to work in the hostels I discovered that the best part of it is that I can BE ME. No stiff, dull uniforms, no rigid rules on how to talk with guests. I had fun (and still have!) and I was good at it.

Hostel for me is the place where “sharing” brings the whole new meaning to the world. It’s a proof that cultural differences doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. And most of all it is the place, where what counts the most are the people.

As a work place it opened to me the whole new world of possibilities and ideas. It tought me, that the words “it’s not my job” are not an option. And that as a staff member I am for and WITH the guests.

And most of all hostels are as unique as the people who creates them. And the idea behind them make the world a better place.

The blog

The more time I have spent working in the hostels the more I’ve realized how many people imagine hostels as a dull, dirty places. Which they are not anymore. 

I want to show to you that if you choose to stay in a hostel you will get something more than a bed. You will have an UNIQUE EXPERIENCE, which places like hotels can’t offer to you. That in here you will be treated as n individual person and not just another number in the check list.

The first idea behind the blog was to show to people that hostels are cool, vibrant places through hostel reviews. And as they are unlimited source of inspiration I have decided to share my (funny) hostel stories with fellow colleagues.

However with my personal growth and experience I have decided to share my work knowledge of the hostel management. Which I hope you will find a useful source of information and help.

The name “Don’t Mess With The Receptionist” is because I believe that hostel reception is so much more than a typical front desk. People who stand behind it are passionate travellers like you or me. Very often they can be the cause that a hostel is so awesome.

After all the hostel atmosphere is the mixture of the guests and staff!

I am in a large part a self learner however each day I have an opportunity to work and learn from inspiring people who are the proof of what hostels are all about:

To share experiences and learn from each other.

Each hostel I’m working in makes me extremely proud I can be a part of its community.

Hostels I have been working in:

Royal Bayswater Hostel, London (not existing anymore)

The River Hostel, Valencia

Hostel Lawenda, Lodz

Surf Riders Fuerteventura, Corralejo

Casa Gracia, Barcelona

Ericeira Surf Camp, Ericeira

Other accommodation types:

Arrivia Bed & Breakfast, Lodz

Frontier Cabins Motel, Wall (South Dakota)

‘An open world begins with an open mind’