Savoir Vivre in Hostels: The Practical Guide of Hostel Etiquette

savoir vivre in hostels
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If you are a hostel veteran you probably know that tho each hostel has its own rules, there is a general code of behavior, especially if you sleep in a shared room.

If you are a first timer to hostels, than you need to know that as much fun that you can have, while getting to know your new roommates, there are some rules your should be aware of. If you don’t want to become the one who bothers everyone.

Hostel etiquette

Hostels are a great way for saving your money, getting to know other people and getting a possibility to be closer with local people. Once you enter as a stranger, you leave as a friend. That’s one of the best value of sleeping in a hostel.

If you prefer more privacy than usually the best choice is the private room. Nowadays more hostels offer that option. Some are en suite (with a private bathroom) and some not. But there are still common areas that you will share with the others: common room, kitchen, terrace or bathroom.

General Hostel Etiquette

♦ Respect the night hours – there might not be a curfew and you might be in a party mood, but there are still some people who prefer a good sleep over a party.

♦ Clean after yourself – that means that when you cook in the kitchen, please don’t leave the dirty dishes behind after your delicious meal. And it’s not only about the kitchen. Try to keep the space around you nice and tidy.

♦ Tag a bag with your food – the general rule is to write your name and the day of the check out. If you leave a food behind, what can be still used, leave in the space with a shared food.

♦ Respect the staff and other travellers – it’s worth to be in a good terms with them.

♦ When you use the shared bathroom try to remember you are not the only one, so don’t stay too long in the shower. Also don’t leave your cosmetics if you don’t want them to be used by the others. If there is no toilet paper, the best idea is to inform about it the staff. Also try to keep the bathroom clean.

♦ Don’t have a sex in common areas – I mean…are you serious? Book a private room!

♦ Say ‘Hello’! It feels better 🙂



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Savoir Vivre in Shared Dormitories

Shared dormitories in hostels come in many shapes. Sometimes even when you have 10 people around you might not feel like it because you have your own bed curtain so you can cut off from the world. But even if you might not hear out there anyone….welll they are there (unless you are lucky to stay alone in the room) and you should respect it:

♦ Don’t grit or talk loud at night – if you want to chat just go to the common room and do not disturb.

♦ Coming back late to the room? Don’t turn on the light as there might be someone sleeping – use the flashlight in you mobile phone.

♦ Don’t pack your bags or unpack early in the morning. And by early I mean until 8. If you need to leave early in the morning prepare your backpack or luggage the day before and leave the thing you will use in the morning on the top so you can find them easily.

♦ Don’t have sex in a dorm! – You think no one hears? Well, they do! Book a private room!

♦ If you like to listen to the music – use the headphones.

♦ Leaving early? Don’t put the alarm clock on the whole regulator and try to keep it quite. You might need to leave but others want to sleep.

♦ Try to keep your things organized and not all over the room.

♦ Say ‘Hello’ to the others – You will be a roommates after all 🙂


Hostels are a fun places to stay and sleeping in a good one might make your trip better. The golden rule is to treat everyone as you would like to be treated. And if you have doubt, think about the other people in your room as of roommates.

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