Hostel Receptionists: Attend the Hostel Conferences!

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I know…this is not the first time I talk about the hostel conferences.

In general it’s more common for managers or hostel owners to be part of this sort of events. But I think I have never really told you why I participate in it. Why it is worth to go as a hostel receptionist.

During the conferences like Hostelskills or Hostelworld you very rarely meet the reception staff. In fact I usually feel as I am the unique fish between the sea of the managers, owners or investors. And it makes me always ask: why there is no reception staff?

Why I go and why you should go too

That is why I would like to share with you few reasons why you, as a receptionist, could benefit from participating in hostel and travel industry events.

First of all you gain fresh perspective. I know it sounds trivial. But when everyday at work you repeat the same things, after some time you stop to notice if there is a possibility to change or improve. And by hearing how other hostels do, you get the chance to get new ideas.

You learn a lot. And for me this is super important. I want to develop, in some time I want to move from the reception to the higher position. That’s why the process of learning and self-development is important for me. I want to constantly improve to be better and better. Hostel conferences help in it as you can learn from the hostel managers, owners and professionals: how they achieving the success of their hostels.

Even when you think that you are doing great at work, there are always thinks that you can do even better. The hostel and travel industry is changing so much that to be at the top you need to change and develop, develop and develop once again. Never stop exploring and improving. Go for it!

And most of all you get to know the people who are doing awesome things. And this is the most rewarding thing of all. You get inspired and recharge batteries. You remind yourself the reasons why you are (STILL) working in the hostels.

You realize that you are part of something biggerThe hostel community.

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As a front desk receptionist it’s nice to be for some time between people who already have their own hostels.

Most of all it is inspiring. I have never really participated, thinking that I might find some job opportunity in an awesome hostel. But it is possible as you make valuable contacts that might profit in the future.

This is it people! Simple reasons why I do it. And if there are receptionists who are reading these right now please do me a favor: invest in it and go for one of the hostels conferences. You will not regret it, I promise.

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