Staying in a hostel with a family? Why you should do it

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The older we get, the more our habits change.

Also these, concerning travels. Once you start to have a family you need to put others needs over your owns.

Many times I have heard stories from older than me people, how they were staying in a hostels once they were young. But they are too old now for that and once you start to have a family, you should change how you travel.

I might not have a family yet but I can’t agree totally with that opinion. You know why? Because almost every day I see families in the hostels where I work in.

I am sure that travelling with kids must be different. However I believe that hostels can be a great option for a family trip.

And choosing hostels to stay over hotels doesn’t need to go with less comfort.

Hostels have changed over a time. In many of them you will find apart from the shared rooms, the private ones. Many hostels have a policy that kids can not stay in the shared dorm even if it is with an adult. But…if you will book the dorm for your whole family it will be treated as a private room!

Photo by Jehu Christan on Unsplash

Here are few reasons why you should choose hostels to stay while you travel with a family:

  •  If you are a big family (5,6 people) in a hostel you can easily book for example a 6 bed dorm just for you and your kids.
  • It will be cheaper option, especially if you visit expensive cities like Berlin, Rome or Barcelona. In a hotel you would need to book few private rooms. In a hostel you can book the whole dorm.
  • Your kids can have an opportunity to observe and interact with people from all around the world.
  • Some hostels are in a remote areas which you would never visited unless you haven’t stayed in these particular hostels.

These are just few benefits. Below you will find few blog posts of families who travel together and sleep in the hostels:

Have you ever stayed in a hostel with your family? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments or hit me with an email!

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