Where To Stay In Marrakech

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Marrakech with each year is attracting more and more visitors.

After living here for 8 months and hearing loads of opinions I came to conclusion that you can either hate it or love it. There are no feelings in between.

And I can understand why…

Though I loved my experience in Marrakech and I will definitely come back, I can understand those who do not share the same feeling as mine. Busy, loud, lots of smells, lots of EVERYTHING.

But between all these medina (old town) narrow streets you can find few oasis.

This city is full of amazing riads and some of them are HOSTELS.

And these beautiful, calm, typical houses called riads doesn’t need to be very expensive and reserved only for fancy people who love to have a space for a perfect Instagram post. Because as you will see below, the hostels can be pretty amazing (and instagrammable) too.

Here is the list of a few marrakechi, budget-friendly hostels.

** Please note that I did not sleep in this hostels. Personally I know very well the first one on the list. However as I love this industry I always check the hostel scene around me, so I honestly can tell you that the hostels from this list are high quality with lots of recommendations and high reviews scores on different booking websites.


Rodamón Riad Marrakech

If you check my Instagram from time to time you probably know how much I love Rodamón Marrakech. And I’m not surprised it was awarded with Hoscars 2019 as the best hostel in Marrakech and the second best hostel in Africa.

Shared dormitory_Rodamon Marrakech
Rodamón Riad Marrakech
Private room in Rodamon Riad Marrakech
Rodamón Riad Marrakech

Equity Point Marrakech

Equity Point Marrakech (Source: Hostelworld)
Equity Point Marrakech (Source: Hostelworld)

Mosaic Hostel Marrakech

Mosaic Hostel Marrakech (Source: Hostelworld)
Mosaic Hostel Marrakech (Source: Hostelworld)

Majorelle Hostel

Majorelle Hostel (Source: Hostelworld)

Dream Kasbah‌

Dream Kasbah Hostel (Source: Hostelworld)
Dream Kasbah Hostel (Source: Hostelworld)

Riad Dia

Riad Dia in Marrakech (Source: Hostelworld)
Riad Dia in Marrakech (Source: Hostelworld)

Do you have any other high quality hostel in Marrakech to recommend? Let me know, so I can include it in this guide.

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