Working in the hostel industry means not only being in the hostel and following daily duties. In order to success you need to keep the machine that drives the hostel well oiled, follow your competition and keep your ear to the ground in the industry. It is a constant journey between chasing your dreams, imagination about the perfect hostel and struggling with keeping those dreams alive in the fast changing business reality.

Hey, I know it’s not easy. Lets be honest. Not all of us – trying their forces in the hostel business had the previous hospitality background in terms of studies and so on and the proper industry knowledge. In fact many of the hostel owners’ previous hospitality experience relates with their own travels. Which inspired them to open the hostel, by the way.

Fortunately out there, are many resources that can – and do help out. So cheers to all those people who work on it, because hostel industry wouldn’t be the same without you.

And also you, who might not work in the hostel industry but is a hostel enthusiast, might find the great inspiration out there.


And in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, I have created the list of the websites and blogs that you definitely should know if you want to follow the industry:


Hostel Management

Its history goes back to 2004, when some travelling and hostel enthusiasts noticed the lack of the proper resources for the hostel business. As you may all know, although accommodation type, hostels are different creatures than hotels. So not all the information that is proper for hotel might suite for the hostels. That is why Hostel Management was created. And it grew, grew and grew as the people where joining.

And so right now it is the biggest source of knowledge about hostels that I know. Also as far as I am concerned – the best one out there. I mean what is the best resource than not the one where the people who work in this industry share their knowledge and experience? We all have been there, made the mistakes and learned through it so why not giving some advise to the others?

So if you are looking forward to open your own hostel, whenever you are in doubts or struggling why not asking the hostel community for the advice? They say together is better so just use this opportunity to join, share and learn.

Also in case you are looking for a hostel job this place is for you.

I almost forgot to mention that some time ago Hostel Management went through some renovation and upgrade. And in my opinion as a frequent user, it is so much better.



Following the travel and hospitality industry is not easy. Since the technology and the needs of the customers are changing so fast, the industry needs to follow all the time. Growing, expanding, appearing of the new solutions. It’s a difficult world.

Especially if you are working in just a smaller part of the industry somehow your interest goes mostly to this part. But it is good to know what is going on around from time to time.

Luckily there is a Skift. And since it was created life is much easier for me, because I just simply get the newsletter with all the important news from the industry. Although in many cases it is more focused on the US market still there are things I can take out for myself.

And with their researches and podcasts you can have a complete insight to the industry and the upcoming trends.



Ever heard about 5 star hoStels? “Does something like this even exist?’- you might ask yourself. Check out Hostelgeeks and you will find out what are 5 star hostels. The rule is: one 5 star hostel per destination.

Here is the deal about those hostels: they are unique, well designed, eco-friendly and sustainable and have a social vibe with friendly, high-rated staff. You think your hostel belongs to that criteria? Contact Hostelgeeks.

What I love about their website is that I know, the chosen hostels are truly unique. And if you add to that their personal, friend-like travel tips, you will get the ultimate, hostel experience.

Recently guys have been working on launching their new product which is totally business hostel related. is their newbie b2b for hostels and accommodation so I’m looking forward to all the news. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter!


The Hostel Girl

If you still didn’t hear about this blog and the girl behind – Katie Dawes, better hurry up to catch up. As you might guess it’s all about hostels. And even more because, Katie shares also her travel tip and guides.

The mission behind the blog is something, we hosteliers also try to persuade everyday in our hostels. And that is to show the people what hostelling is all about and that it is not anymore the dull, dirty shared dorm room. Anyway is there still someone who thinks that way?

Katie’s hostel reviews, stories and experiences are definitely something worth following. Also if your hostel marketing skills are something not worth to mention, I guess The Hostel Girl, might be a place for you. Check out her free (!) guides to social media and video marketing for hostels. After all who can give you better tips than not the successful blogger?


Other Websites & Blogs

Here is the last tip from the industry geek: it’s worth to check out from time to time your hostel software suppliers blogs. Why? Because apart from their product releases and updates announcements they publish worth to read info and our business related articles.

In the busy hostel operating life, I know it is not easy to always find the time to follow all the news and worth reading articles. That is why newsletters were created. So if it your first time to the websites and blogs that I mentioned above just sign up for the newsletters and the fresh posts will be delivered to your mailbox.

And of course, if you find my blog interesting enough, you are more than welcomed to follow it. In case you are not convinced maybe after understanding why I love to work in the hostels, and be part of this community, will change your mind.

I hope you will find a great reads and knowledge out there. Also the inspirations for your hostels and the hostel travels.

Have a good one,

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Posted by Ewa Gabara

Posted by Ewa Gabara

Founder of Don’t Mess With The Receptionist. I geek out on hostels and I’m a long-time receptionist turned into a copywriter. I help the hospitality and travel brands conquer the world with words.

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