Preparing for the new trip can be an exciting prelude to the upcoming adventure. It can also be a road through obstacles and long sleepless nights.

Without a doubt one of the biggest struggles, apart from choosing the places you want to visit, is accommodation. Those of you planning a backpacker trip, it might come with more ease as you most probably will choose to see what comes up on the road. However, a big part of us wants to have planned everything beforehand.

Choosing the right place to stay might look easy, but sometimes with many possibilities that we have nowadays, finding the right one can be a real struggle.

In today’s post, I have planned to share some tips on what to look for when you are deciding on your option to stay. Even though my focus is on fitting the style of the hostel to your needs, you can refer to these tips also to the other types of accommodations.

Tips on choosing the hostel right for you


Location is an important factor when you are looking for a place to sleep. That is why it’s important to make research on the transport possibilities, which areas to avoid. Like that you can make a selection of the areas you can focus on, where the hostel should be located.

2. Type of your trip

If you are planning a backpacking trip, probably you are looking forward to meeting new people from around the world. Then the hostel of your choice should have a big focus on social activities and gathering its guests.

In case you are travelling with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you should focus on the hostels that offer private rooms.

Or if you are a female solo traveller maybe you prefer female dormitories. Find the hostel that offers that.

Area for surfboards in Surf Rider Hostel in Fuerteventura
Surf hostels will be a perfect fit for those in love with the water sports

Here are a few types of hostels that you can find on the road:

  • youth hostel
  • poshtel and boutique hostels
  • eco-hostels
  • party hostels
  • surf hostels

The list can go on and on as hostels are a very fast-changing industry, and their variety depends very often from the wild imagination of its owners.

3. Reviews

It’s not about reading all the reviews that there are online one by one. It’s about looking at the overall punctuation of the hostel. Even for the 10 point hostel, there will be negative opinions, that’s how the world is.

Depending on the area you travel you can see what the average hostels (or another accommodation) punctuation, and choose the one that convinces you more.

shared dormitory in Rodamon Marrakech Hostel
If you are searching for a bit of privacy in the shared dormitories, choose hostels that have curtains at the bunk beds or the pod beds

4. Read the description

I don’t know how many times already I have pointing out how important reading the hostel information is. It’s not only reading the booking website, the conditions of the reservations. It’s vital to check out the hostel website. See what facilities are offered, if there is 24 hours reception or not. The more details you will read, a better choice you will make, the fewer surprises you will have during your stay.

5. Price

Don’t ever choose your accommodation based just on the price. Price is one of the factors however it should not be the main one. The expensive does not always mean the best one as much as the cheapest does not mean it will be a shithole full of bad bugs.

Make a price range per night that you can afford. If you go for the very cheap option, check what’s its location and if you will not spend the same amount of money on transport instead of choosing the centre located hostel.

patio with a swimming pool in Rodamon Hostel in Marrakech
These days hostels offer variety of facilities, that is why it’s important to fit it to your necessities and the style of travel

6. Safety

Most of the hostels offer lockers for you to store safely your things. It’s important to know beforehand if you will need to have your own padlock or the hostel offers one (though I always suggest travelling with one).

7. Social Media

Not all hostels have or manage social media. But if they do have, it’s worth to check them out. What is happening on their Instagram or Facebook can say a lot about the hostel style and what’s its main focus.

This is not a definitive list but as far as I’m concerned the factors above can help you narrow the list of options. I hope that next time you will be planning your trip you will have in mind all these points and will have the time of your life!

Posted by Ewa Gabara

Posted by Ewa Gabara

Founder of Don’t Mess With The Receptionist. I geek out on hostels and I’m a long-time receptionist turned into a copywriter. I help the hospitality and travel brands conquer the world with words.

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