Make a 3-month worth blog content calendar for your hostel or hotel in 8 steps

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4 years.

That’s how long it took me to finally get the hang of blogging. One thing is doing it for others, and another writing for your own business. There’re no deadlines, no expectations, and definitely not much motivation (apart from burning passion, of course).

However, after 4 years I’ve finally found a system to creating consistent content that works for me. And that, ladies and gentleman, mean content for the next 3 (or more) months!

So start taking notes, because this post is practical AF.

Consistency is the key to a successful hotel or hostel blog

(here is the hard truth: I failed in it)

A blog is a mix of passion, creativity, patience, and most of it: being consistent. The last point is the one that causes me the most problem. 

I can only make an informed guess that as a busy hostel or hotel solopreneur keeping up with your blog is not your strong suit. And I can relate to that.

Maybe you have an awesome staff you can rely on with carrying your hotel blog. Or maybe you’re working with freelancers to get the hang of it…

After years of trying out different things, in this blog, I’m going to share with you my approach. It can help you – the busy hotel solopreneur to stay on top of it. And that’s the approach that helped me too, to create more consistently.

That way, you will never say again you have no idea what to write about…or what to post on your social media

How to do hostel blog and not fall in intent in 8 steps. 

(And squeeze few social posts out of it)

Step 1. Clarify your goals

Whatever you do in your hotel, you have a goal in mind. The same goes for the blog and creating content. 

Your goals should be specific, practical, and measurable. So what are you trying to achieve? Ask yourself that question with every post you write (or if someone else is writing it for you, make sure this person knows the goal).

So maybe you’re trying to build your email list. The goal could be:

I want to get the 10 newsletter sign-ups until the 30 of march” – it’s specific, practical, and measurable.

Step 2. What will be the main focus of your hostel blog

You don’t have to write only about “things to do” in your hotel area. You can also write about living in your city or town. Tips for what to take for the stay in your hostel. Or about the local artists and the hostel life beyond the front desk. 

To take the example of this blog I have 5 main categories: copywriting, content marketing, hostel management, hostelling (so all the hostel-culture-related topics), and travel.

Choose 3 or 4 main categories that you would love to have on your blog, and that can resonate with your audience. Then every time you plan your content calendar (more on that later) choose writing on 1 or 2 of these main categories.

travel planning map, computer and coffee

Step. 3 Get to know your audience

What’s the point of writing a blog post if no one will read it or it will not help anyone but you. Getting inside of the heads of your guests is a key. Maybe you have a great relationship with your hostel guests: ask them directly what they like to read about.

Use your social media to ask what they would like to hear about. Write all of the ideas down in one place.

My tip: hold all that information: your main blog categories, audience interests in one place.

Step 4. Do the keyword research

There is an ocean of blog posts on how to find keywords for your content. My go-to place is always Neil Patel. He breaks down easily how you can make keyword research. Make it easy for yourself and add all the keywords into one file.

Step 5. Write down the topics

Now that you have your main hotel blog categories, your insider knowledge, know the audience, and did the keyword research it’s time to find some blog post ideas!

Are you excited? Because I am! 

Take some of the keywords and write them into the google search. Write down the titles which pique your interest and can fit into your hostel blog. You can also use Answer The Public to find other blog post ideas.

Step 6. Plan your blog content calendar for the next 3 months

At this point you need to be honest with yourself: how many times you will be able to sit down and write down a blog post? 1 or 2 per month? Or maybe you love to write and want to publish 1 per week? Any number is ok: it’s about quality, not quantity.

If you don’t feel comfortable with blogging (but want to do it anyway) start with a smaller number. 

I suggest planning out a content calendar for your hostel for the next 3 months. You can see what will be the results and it’s not as overwhelming as doing it for the whole year.

Create your hotel blog content calendar in Excel, Google Docs, use Google Calendar (you can download my template below). Whatever works for you is fine. 

In each month highlight the categories you will be writing about. And next to it write the topic of the blog post in this category.

Example: If your category is “local events”, the topic of the blog post for your hostel can be: 4 thought-provoking art events you don’t want to miss this March.

In here make sure to look at all the information you’ve gathered in the previous steps.

Step 7. Write your blog posts

My approach for that step is to reserve a week of each month to write 2-3 blog posts for the next month. I have a global vision of what I will be focusing on for the next 3 months and what are my goals. That way, when the 3 months pass I can reflect on what I’ve accomplished and see what resonated with my audience and what didn’t.

Use a call to action in your blog post: whether it’s asking your readers for signing up for the hotel newsletter, commenting, or sharing with friends (or booking a room).

Step 8. Repurpose each blog post x 10 times!

Yes, you’ve heard me: 10 times. No more working your ass off on an awesome post for your hostel, just to share it one time! As an example: from this one post, I can create at least 11 social media posts! 

  1. Share it on your Facebook for the first time
  2. Use the blog post introduction as a caption for your Instagram 
  3. Ask a question to your audience, related to the blog content (on Facebook & Insta)
  4. Take the first insight (for example one of the places you’ve recommended to visit in your post) and share it on FB & Insta
  5. Do the same with the rest of the blog post insights
  6. Share a quote from your post
  7. Ask another question
  8. Share another insight
  9. Insight
  10. Reintroduce your blog post

Listen you’ve just created yourself a blog content calendar for the next 3 months with 1 month or more of social media content from just 1 blog post.

Let’s sum it up

You see, that was painless. You have 8 steps that can help you in creating consistent content for your hostel, guest house, co-living, surf house, hotel, and anything in between, blog.

Here is my simple, yet effective blog content calendar template (you just need to leave your email to get it delivered into your email box). It’s time for you to take over and start writing! 

Which step have you enjoyed the most when you’ve created a content calendar for your property?

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Posted by Ewa Gabara

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