The Receptionist Diary: So you want to cancel for free?

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Another exciting hostel shift The hours in the reception goes by with the random stuff like emails, reservations. And occasional check-ins. It’s a low season so the shifts usually go by slowly with some interruptions from guests. Oh, wait…have I just said interruptions? Guests NEVER interrupt my hostel shift. EVER. I start to do my […]

Fancy Some Reading? Books for the Hospitality Industry Geeks + Podcasts

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s been 3rd or maybe 4th week of the complete lockdown (at least in Spain, where I live). And as a hostel worker, I have found (like many others) with extra free time. At home. The beginning was a bit overwhelming. With all the non- stop news and talks about the virus, my beloved hostels’ […]

Managing Your Online Reputation Has Never Been Easier

Reading Time: 3 minutes Make better business decisions. By using proper tools, you can manage your online reputation and analyze the reviews. So you can identify your hostel’s strong points from the customer point of view. And to find out where is the room for the improvement. Until now, you could learn about Channel Managers and Property Management Systems. […]

The Ultimate Guide To Property Management Systems and Channel Managers for hostels

Reading Time: 7 minutes Property management systems for hostels solutions are here to improve your productivity, revenue and time management skills. Yet, can you believe that in the XXI century there are still hostels, managing their bookings with pen and paper? Or with Excel? And if you are one of that hostels and you read this blog post, then […]

11 Things Hostel Worker Would Never Do As a Guest

Reading Time: 3 minutes Working in hostels can be as much fun as tiring. After all, customer service is quite demanding. Most of the people who work in the hospitality industry are travellers themselves. I’m convinced that each receptionist can share some interesting story from their work.  While I work, I always think that there are some things that […]