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You can get in touch with me either via email: or simply by feeling in the contact form below.

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For the travellers

If you are looking forward to start your travel adventure and would like to back up your funds through hostel volunteering or hostel paid job, let me know! I can help you with an advise and ideas of an experienced hostel worker.

Also if you are the hostel-first timer and need some help with organizing your trip – don’t be shy! Contact me.

Below you can find some resources that might be helpful during your journey:

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For the hostel professionals (and the beginners in this field)

I love to share my passion for the hostel industry and be the part of its blooming. If you need advice or help with the hostel management I’m here to consult! I’m a permanent hostel staff always searching for the possibilities to develop and learn new things. I will be more than happy to share with you my knowledge, fellow hostel worker!

Below you can find some of my posts concerning hostel management and work in this exciting industry:

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Generation Hostel

Just for fun

I also write the series of stories from the hostel life. Because common…what would be the hostel work without a little bit of laugh and sarcasm. Check out my The Receptionist Diary series.

And if you have an interesting hostel story that you would like to share, you can get in touch with me.

I am part of the HOSTEL MOVEMENT and I hope you will want to join too!