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This is it! My very first post 🙂 It’s been a long, loong way till I’ve got here. But finally, I can present you my blog. It took a while but what you will see and read in here had started some time ago and it is still happening. What I’m talking about? About love: hostel love of course.

It wasn’t loving from the first sight. I needed to go through some adventures on my own to realize that when it comes to work I suite perfectly to the hostels. Of course, my first experience was from the traveller point of view but little did I knew back then about the hostel industry.

My adventure as a hostel worker had started a few years ago in London. But it wasn’t until last year when I discovered how much I enjoy working in hostels

They say that what happens in the hostel stays in the hostel. Well…silence is the truth. What is a hostel and about its history you can read in here.

The goal is to connect people from all over the world. Sharing travel and life experiences, spending time in the international environment: these are cores of a hostel. This is the place where establish new friendships…even loves!

While working in the hostel industry I would like to say that I have seen it all…but each day brings new scandal and guests still know how to surprise me. That is why in this blog I will share with you some of those stories that make me always like: ‘excuse me???’ (a.k.a. ‘perdona??’).

Between all the awful/disgusting/unbelievable things (for clients) and funny/shocking/tiring/scandalous things (for hostel workers) while staying in the hostel, we tend to forget who really is in charge in here.

‘Customer is king’…but really is it? Well not! Just behind the reception desk, in front of the computer sits smiling girl/boy whose name you probably don’t know despite the screaming name tag on her/his chest.

Yes! There she/he is! You probably pass by her or him thousands of times during the day, asking for some info from time to time or to complain. And after you go back home and give point to her/him on some website.

The receptionist is there to help you, to make your stay easier, better and smooth. That’s a fact. Always there to listen to your complaints, to help to rent a flat for you, to be your translator and even to resolve your life problems.

Hostel receptionist is multitasking: guest service, entertainer, security, housekeeper, electrician, handy-man, bartender, waiter and a doctor! Can’t be? Well, that’s the lifetime true. I’ve checked that by myself.

And if the reception is the heart of the hostel then this receptionist is in charge of this place. She/he knows more about you than you expect. And you better do not mess with her/ him!

I’m taking you on a journey to become part of the hostel life. Let’s enjoy the ride together 🙂



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  1. dear Ewa, I really enjoyed to discover your blog 🙂 last years I’ve been working at the hostelling industry and having a great time: meeting new friends; travelling with the guests; loosing a lot of patience too! I worked 4 years in Lisbon and now I’m working in a hotel in Nice, south of France. your blog is interesting because you share the positive and negative sides of our job 🙂 I’m also a traveller and usually I look for a cool hostel, with positive vibes, to stay 🙂 my experience made me start also write (a bit) about it and now would like to invite you to read it in:
    regards and read you soon
    p.s: I still have 3 check ins to do. wish me luck 😛

    1. Hey Pedro! thank you for the feedback! Each work has it good and bad sides but the most important is to do what you love and enjoy it! And for me it is like that with hostel industry 🙂
      I will read your blog for sure!

      Good luck and maybe see you somewhere in the world!

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