8 Hostels Perfect for the Romantic Getaway

Reading Time: 3 minutes HOSTELLING AS A COUPLE? Valentine’s Day is already here! Whether you celebrate it or not (no judgments), I use this occasion to show you: HOSTELS PERFECT FOR A ROMANTIC GETAWAY. And if you celebrate love more than once a year (hands in the air!), this post will serve you even better. “What? Wait…you want me […]

The Era of The Upscale Hostels: Can Hostels Become Even More Fancy?

Reading Time: 4 minutes The hostels have changed. A LOT. These are not anymore the simple rooms with bunk beds. Well, there are many hostels like that too that are beautiful and simple. But with each year I see more crazy, wild and original places which show that the imagination is unlimited. And as the hostels are changing it […]