Build a best-selling hostel you can be proud of

You don’t have to figure out things on your own. All you need are the right tools that will help you get there.

Introducing the end game to endless scrolling through tech recommendations

Hostel Starter Pack: Essential tools to kick off your hostel.

Hostel Starter Pack is a free list of tools essential for hostel operations. So you don’t have to scroll through endless technology pages to find the solution that fits hostel needs.

And boom. You own a hostel.

Whether you’re a pro or a seasonal. You know that even the little things are a big deal. When you download Hostel Starter Pack you:


Get help on your hostel journey. The list includes places where you can find other hostel professionals


You can build a hostel website on your own with the easy-to-use tools


You will manage your business professionally with the right tech stack that understands hostel uniqueness


You will grow your online presence to bring in more travelers with the tools that make it easier

And the best of all? It’s free! (the list – that is ;))

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    Who the heck is behind Don’t Mess With The Receptionist?

    Hey! I’m Ewa – a long-time hostel worker turned into a copywriter. 

    In 2016 I created the blog Don’t Mess With The Receptionist. 

    Whatever I was learning on my way about hostel management, I was sharing it with people like you: hospitality entrepreneurs striving to create and grow their businesses.

    There’s one true thing I’ve learned in hostels – the right technology is a game-changer.

    Ewa Gabara

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