Lisbon’s has lots to offer. Also, the hostel industry is in good condition. After all, this is the home of at least 5 best award-winning hostels in the Hostel World rating HOSCARS 2017.

So imagine me, a hostel freak, how eager I was to visit Lisbon and check out whats up in its hostels.

My choice was Lisbon Calling Hostel 

Which was featured by Momondo as one of its favourite hostels in Lisbon…

This hostel is rocking since 2008 and after almost 10 years of being on the market, they are still on the top.


With the backpack full I have reached the Cais do Sodré Station. 5 minutes of walk and I have found myself in front of the typical Portuguese building. Even though inconspicuous, on the 3rd floor you will discover the whole floor of a rustic Portuguese flat converted into a hostel.

São Paulo Square

Just when you go out of the hostel you cross charming São Paulo Square where you can enjoy coffee in one of its cafeterias (and Portuguese coffee is good and cheap!). The neighbourhood is full of restaurants and for those seeking for the night adrenaline, it is a perfect spot as it becomes lively as the sun goes down.

And in case you will get hungry the Time Out market just around a corner is a perfect solution.

While walking around in Lisbon, climbing its small streets in Alfama, I realized how lucky I am not to need to climb those streets with my backpack while trying to reach the hostel (as I saw many people needed to do it since they had accommodation in this part of the city).

What can I say? I couldn’t ask for a better location!


The hostel itself is not big. I could definitely categorize it as family type. I was staying in the part where the shared dormitories are. Private rooms are located on the other side of the floor.

Living Room

My room, called “Fresco”, was a 10-bed dorm. After a while of not staying in the hostels shared rooms, I wasn’t sure if I can handle so many people in one room. But fortunately, the room was spacious and the upper bunks were really high. That’s what I loved the most. The locker was big enough to hide both my backpack (35 L) and a small bag (take your own padlock).

Shared room with self-made (!) wooden platforms

If you will take a closer look at the walls you will see an old, typical design which, as I’ve been told, was discovered by the owners while renovating the flat (not on the picture above).

Common areas

The common areas are cosy, vintage designed and with veeeery comfortable sofas. The table made from the bath is a BIG WOW. And preparing a meal in an old-style kitchen is an experience worth to try.


Moreover, once you cross the threshold of the hostel you can feel the artistic vibe. And not to only feel but also see. Guys are supporting local artists (Yes, hostels do that quite often!).


‘Where do you come from?’- is the most common question you will hear in all hostels

If you are looking for the relaxed, home-feeling place Lisbon Calling Hostel should be your choice. It is not a big hostel and for sure it is perfect for the families. You will not find here pub crawls nor beer pongs. However, interesting talks and people to go out, for sure are included in the price.

I couldn’t ask for more during my stay in Lisbon. The artistic vibe, interesting interior and friendly treatment. These are the best phrases that can describe Lisbon Calling Hostel.

Big thanks to all the team for having me under your rooftop. Next time I’m coming back to check out private rooms!

  1. Take your own padlock
  2. Try food on Time Out market
  3. Make sure to learn all about the hostel etiquette so you can enjoy your stay to the maximum (and let others enjoy it too!)
  4. Yes, there is WiFi
  5. Take the Bica Funicular, 5 minutes away from the hostel and go to Santa Catalina point view
  6. Go for the Lisbon Street Art Tour and discover the city from another point of view!
  7. Book directly with Lisbon Calling Hostel in here.

Before making a reservation for the hostel make sure it is what you are searching for. So you can have the best time ever!

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Posted by Ewa Gabara

Posted by Ewa Gabara

Founder of Don’t Mess With The Receptionist. I geek out on hostels and I’m a long-time receptionist turned into a copywriter. I help the hospitality and travel brands conquer the world with words.

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