Nowadays hospitality market is full of varied offers of PMS and solutions for the hostels and hotels. But all of them should have one thing in common: make work of the property easier, faster and smoother.

Just in case you haven’t seen yet my Hostel’s ABC let me explain what is PMS. It is Property Management System that accommodation properties use to manage their facilities. In here they keep all the reservations, data of the guests and carry daily duties of the hostel.

I really enjoy having possibility to learn working on the different hostel systems. And I’m always looking forward to discover all the secrets and tricks of a PMS that will make my work faster.

In my personal opinion the best PMS is the one that satisfies the needs of the receptionists. Because this is their main working tool and for them it should be easy to use it.

So what features should have PMS in your hostel?


1. First of all PMS should be user-friendly.

And I’m not talking here about the graphic layout (although it is also important).

Work in the reception becomes complicated since people are doing their lives complicated. So if you consider that, the PMS should have logical and obvious commands. Moreover the most useful commands should be able to find in a second.

It should be clear to read and finding all necessary functions shouldn’t cause any problem. It doesn’t matter how good it can be for the accounting, revenues, etc. As long as it is unfriendly for the reception staff you should really consider changing PMS in your hostel.

Creating new reservations, moving one guest to another room, checking outs – this all should be able to do quick and without necessity to click on some strange functions.

Cancellations (big thumb up for the systems that counts correctly how much amount should we give back to the client) or making extensions shouldn’t frighten the reception staff.

2. The availability and prizes need to be able to find in easy way.

All those functions should not take 10 minutes but 1 minute.

3. Too many options = chaos.

Sometimes too many options in the PMS can cause confusion and in the end you are not even able to use half of it.

4.  Fast system eliminates the queue in front of the reception.

It is annoying when you have the queue in front of you just because your PMS is so slow. Check out if your computers or not too old for your PMS (because it doesn’t necessarily is the fault of the system).

5. The technical service should be easily available, helpful and fest in responding and resolving problems.

Hospitality industry works 365 days and usually 24 hours per day. Companies that provide hotel and hostels solutions must keep that in mind and basically have at least emergency line just in case some property will need help (don’t have illusions errors can happen when you will not even expect trust me).

Since this is your main working tool life gets really hard when it is not functioning well.

So if you owe or manage a hostel, listen to your reception staff. If you here more complaints than good things try to keep that in mind and reconsider what does that means.


Posted by Ewa Gabara

Posted by Ewa Gabara

Founder of Don’t Mess With The Receptionist. I geek out on hostels and I’m a long-time receptionist turned into a copywriter. I help the hospitality and travel brands conquer the world with words.

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