“If we want to get inside people’s wallets, we first need to get inside their heads and, more important, their hearts.” – Bernadette Jiwa

OMG! Have you heard this: “people don’t read“?

Well, I don’t believe in that statement.

People DO read. Only what’s interesting for them. So I tend to write with this One Person in mind.

That’s why all my work starts with research to get into your client’s head (this always sounds creepy 😅 but it’s the truth).

In the hospitality world, I’m known as Don’t Mess With The Receptionist (for the real fun check out my Instagram).

Anyway, you came here to see my work.

So…here are some hospitality and travel brands I slung ink for.

(Psst…I write in English and Polish)


Email marketing for hotels: everything you need to know and how to start for Hotelminder

The Ultimate Guide to Working in Hostels for Unwrap Your Map

And if you need reading material, you can read my blog here on Don’t Mess With The Receptionist  (where I give a creative spin on blogging about hostels and hospitality marketing).

Copywriting and content writing

FrontDesk Master, an all-in-one solution that helps hostels get the work done – faster and better. 


Landing pages


Lead magnet

Email sequence with 58,67% Open Rate and 17,33%  CTR

Email newsletters with an average 41,68% Open Rate

Social media (LinkedIn and Facebook)


Pricepoint, revenue management system that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence allowing hotels and hostels to maximize their revenues. 

Roomonitor, a real-time noise control device detecting too much woo-hoo in the short term rentals. So that neighbors can rest.

Let’s Start a Project!

You can’t find what you need? Still don’t know what you want? Then, drop a line, and we can meet for a virtual coffee.

(if you already know, you can write me anyway)

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