Another random day in the hostel…

Starting the afternoon shift with 2 hours of non-stop check-ins became just a norm.

meme of Barbie before and after the shift

Just when I thought that I will have 30 seconds to run to the toilet, another wave of guests is coming, this time to ask either for the weather prediction for the next month (ok I exaggerate, just for the next week) or how to buy flight tickets to Madrid.

Half of the shift is gone

Finally, I can start to answer the big pile of emails that somehow multiplied from 5 to 20 since I have started my shift (why??!!!) and take care of the new reservations which numbers multiply in a speed of light.

And of course, once I get to it, one of the guests decided to have a chat with me (no I generally don’t mind as it is one of the best parts of this work but you know it gets quite frustrating when you really have loads of things to do behind the desk). I enjoy talking for the first 15 minutes but after I’m getting anxious about all the shit I still have to do.

‘Oh, wait you have lots to do?’ says the guest…Why exists this false presumption that if there is no one in the front desk, that means the receptionist has nothing to do?

Left alone again I’m back into the emails.

Just 2 minutes of peace and here we are again.

‘Excuse me, the hairdryer in our room doesn’t stop to work’.
So it’s time for the maintenance version of me. I grab some handy, professional tools to fix the problem.

Just after I handled it someone else comes to the reception saying that his friend just got stuck in the shower because he can’t open the doors. Ups…I just hope he has a towel to cover up before I will arrive XD

Once solved, I came back to the reception just on time for the next round of check-ins and the wave of phone calls at the same time.

I just love these moments…

Still, have thousands of emails to respond but I think I have already lost hope that I will manage to answer them.

Starting with the messages this is what is waiting for me:

‘I will have a birthday, could you prepare something special for me?’
Ok…I will go to the next one…
‘We are really excited to come! It’s my sister’s birthday and I was hoping you could prepare something special for her’

What I really want to say: Oh, that’s great to hear as it’s my birthday too! Could you prepare something special for me for the check-in?

What I really say: That’s great to hear! We will do our best so you can have a wonderful stay!

Lately, I have noticed this growing trend of asking for things.

And while asking for a drawing of a dinosaur on the invoice I see funny, I’m getting a bit of annoyed when more people come to ask me for the things for free…Just saying.

It’s almost the end of the shift! I feel satisfied with the variety of the different things I have made during today’s shift. Because I can’t say I have handled the back office work 😀 Well at least the night shift will be entertained.

Once my colleague arrives I’m like:

meme with Leonardo di Caprio

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Posted by Ewa Gabara

Posted by Ewa Gabara

Founder of Don’t Mess With The Receptionist. I geek out on hostels and I’m a long-time receptionist turned into a copywriter. I help the hospitality and travel brands conquer the world with words.

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