What can I say about this place? Best things in life are coming when you do not plan either expect. And the same happened with me and Surf Riders Hostel.

Middle of June, Friday evening: I’m sending my CV’s like crazy to every surf hostel in Spain that I can find on the web. In the same time, I’m searching for work exchange on Workaway.

Tuesday morning I have already booked my flight tickets. Where to? To Fuerteventura! No, I did not plan to go to the Canary Islands but I thought: why not?

Surf Riders Memories

Man, what crazy 2 months I just have had. How to describe this small but amazing hostel and all the fun people I have met on my way just in one post?

Let me try…

Corralejo, a popular town in Fuerteventura where apparently live more Italian people than the Spanish ones (so if you plan to practice Spanish: forget). And in this surfer town a little bit outside of the centre there it is Surf Riders Hostel.

First impression…

Just when you enter the hostel you hear welcoming “hi” from everyone around. I did when I have arrived there my very first day, and later I was one of those people who was welcoming everyone.


Enter to the hostel through this chilled out hallway

You know it is a surf hostel because everyone is so relaxed and chilled out (oh, and all are barefoot). First, you get a little tour around the hostel’s premisses and the manual how things work in here.


Sunny rooftop terrace

The hostel itself consists of the main building where you will find shared dorms and 2 private rooms. The rest of the private rooms are located in 2 other buildings which are located near the main one.

Dormitories are either with 8 or 4 beds. They are simple yet have really nice aspect: together with a bed you get an inspirational quote (next to the bed number).


Messy guests – messy room

Your personal belongings you can keep in the spacious locker with your bed number (you need your own padlock for it).

hostel bunk bed quote

Inspiring quote on each bunk bed

Of course, if you prefer privacy just book a private room (some of them have a private bathroom and the rest have the shared ones).

A big plus for the hostel for the organization of the guests’ fridges. Each person has its own box with the same number as his/her bed. The same goes for cupboards. And what stays in the doors is shared. How cool is that?

guests fridge

Organization of the fridge

In the morning you will get quite a nice breakfast with all the basics like cereals, milk, juice, muffins, croissants, cookies, marmalade, ham and cheese plus fruits.


Time to relax


Surfing, surfing, surfing oh and did I mention surfing? Since it is a surf hostel obviously you can rent surfboards, wetsuits or just book surf or kitesurf classes. 


Surfboards, longboards and wetsuits rental area

For all those that are coming with their own equipment: there is dedicated place in the hostel area where you can leave your things and hang wetsuits.

And if you do not feel like surfing? Well then either play ping-pong, rent a bike or longboard, hang out in the swimming pool, take a yoga class or just chill out on the couch. 


Common area

In the reception, you can also book some trips: visiting Lobos island, snorkelling etc. Just ask one of the staff members.


Lobos island

Each night hostel prepares delicious dinner. It can be either Italian party, Spanish night or Asian experience. Just sign up and enjoy!

And then comes Friday…and that means BARBEQUE! Food, music, good vibes and fun! That is definitely the day you can not miss in the Surf Riders Hostel.

BBQ preparations

Getting ready for the BBQ!

My experience as a staff

I don’t know how it happens but I always have so much luck with the hostels are work in (maybe because I always try to choose the best ones). I wish I could write something bad but well… there is nothing bad to say. 

As a staff member, I got my little ‘private’ space to sleep and food for free. Not to mention the use of surfboards, wetsuits and longboards without a charge. But the most important is that I could work with like-minded people who gave me a big positive kick! 


Part of the Surf Riders Team

Although the island itself did not knock me off my feet since I prefer greener places I must say I have enjoyed those 2 months. 

Working 4 hours per day allowed me to have a lot of free time and enjoy my days in Fuerteventura. This is definitely an island for all the water sports lovers.

If I would need to describe Fuerteventura in 3 words here is what I would say:

  • desert,
  • rocks,
  • volcanos.

Although it is not a paradise for runners like me, if you enjoy hiking this is your spot. You can try a little bit of volcano fitness and hike every day to have a view on the island from the top.


Volcano view

Here are some Surf Riders tips:

  • take a padlock for the locker (you can buy it also in the hostel)
  • nights on Fuerteventura can be really chilly so make sure to ask staff for the blanket
  • if you want to surf, rent a car in order to get to all the spots. The cheapest rentals are at the airport if you book via the internet

Choosing the hostel that matches your need can be a tough task. But with my hostel tips, you will make sure that you will find the right one.

If you plan to visit Corralejo I can recommend you Surf Riders Hostel with all my heart. Not only because of the quality of the service they serve for a good price but also for the chilled atmosphere. For the prices and bookings go to Surf Riders website (and if you don’t know why to book direct, here you will find the best reasons WHY).



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Posted by Ewa Gabara

Posted by Ewa Gabara

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