There are so many things that I have learned in the past years of working in the hostel industry. Some of them I didn’t even know that can be called “skills” until I have started to use them in everyday life.

We all know that gaining work experience is essential if we want to earn somehow money. Lately, I was thinking about what kind of skills I have learned since I have started my hostel adventure

As funny as it may sound I have realized that many of the things I can do in the hostel reality seem kind of useless in everyday life. But if you look at it differently you can see that some of them can become really helpful.

Let me share with you some of the (un)necessary skills that I have learned while working in the hostels.


1.Finding food everywhere

If the hostel is not only your workplace but also your home this is something that allows you not only to stay on the budget but also to save some money. Hostel guests very often leave behind food which they do not want to carry with themselves. The question is: what are you gonna cook today?

ice cream

Oh by the way…wanna ice cream without spending money? If you have found yoghurt why not making from it ice cream?

2. Changing toilet paper in the dispatcher


Ok, I know this might be strange. But for some people, it’s not that easy to figure it out especially on the beginning. But imagine that after that you can call yourself a pro when it comes to changing toilet paper of any kind of dispatchers: even the ones at your home! (and you appreciate the easiness of home dispatchers)

3. Throwing away a mountain of trash in the trolley on once

trash mountain

There are a few advantages of that super skill. First one is that you know how to catch the balance of the trash bags so they do not fall down. The second one is that actually this is pretty good work out for your arms. The third is the appreciation of the small trash that you usually throw away at your home.

The last one is that after doing it on once by yourself you truly start to feel that you can do everything and ‘ain’t no mountain high enough’.

4. Playing Tetris in the reservation system

Who could imagine that playing Tetris in my childhood will actually help me at my work in the future? One of the reasons why I like to work with the reservation systems is because of that: switching people from one bed to another so that other reservations will fit is a daily routine.


5. Opening lockers and doing maintenance

The girl can’t do? Excuse me? My oh my countless of times I have repaired things in front of the male guests who didn’t even bother to try it by themselves.

Well, I like to be supergirl or superwoman. At least I know that in my future house I will be able to fix something. Or at least make an attempt to. And then call a specialist (imagine how much money I can save thanks to this skill).

6. Drinking alcohol without getting drunk

Fot Diego Agosta

Picture by Diego Agosta

I’m not sure if I’m a workaholic or not but the truth is that I like to hang out with people from the hostel after hours, even if it is in my workplace. That also means getting beers or glasses of wine (or both) each time. Drink like a pro and don’t get drunk? Easy peasy.

And if you are up for more, I have shared a post where you can laugh out loud! Just make sure to check out this post with hilarious signs found and seen in hostels.

Do you have any (un)necessary skills that you have learned thanks to your work? Let me know!

Have a good one!


Posted by Ewa Gabara

Posted by Ewa Gabara

Founder of Don’t Mess With The Receptionist. I geek out on hostels and I’m a long-time receptionist turned into a copywriter. I help the hospitality and travel brands conquer the world with words.

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