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Helping you in building trust and simplifying communication with copywriting & content marketing. So you can sell more online.

You are a “jack of all trades” and you “wear different hats each day”. I get it. 

You navigate between managing your property, keeping your staff happy, controlling the operations, and creating a marketing strategy for your hotel, hostel, or travel agency.

(Damn, this sounds really busy!)

As you’re juggling this marketing hotel game by yourself, you’re paying with your time. 

Well, my friend, life is too short (and too beautiful) to do it all! Enjoy more time to focus on other departments of your work while I do the writing.

I  help your brand in these areas: copywriting & content marketing


Hospitality copywriting (aka your online salesperson) is the best friend for your direct selling channel.

It’s not magic. It’s using the right words and the right time that convert your online visitors into real-life guests/ travel trippers. 

But this is more than selling.

These are the words that connect. That resonates. This is the invitation to meaningful conversations over the yummy, yummy breakfast, an unforgettable journey into the wild that your agency offers. Into the daily experiences that you create.

Let’s talk:

Work with me


Helps you in converting online visitors into real-life clients. Powerful website copy keeps online visitors’ attention and leads them to take action.


Emails with mucho love (let them feel it!). Inspire wanderlust and make your travelers scream for more. Because emails shouldn’t be boring.


Straight-forward, persuasive landing pages that make your ideal traveller take an action.


Increase in direct bookings and reservations.


Book a 30-minute free call and receive direct tips and ideas on how you can improve your online copy and content. 


Strategy and content for your blog 

How to drive more traffic to your website if not through entertaining blog posts? The ones that inspire the wanderlust and helps your biz to score in search engines.

Strategical blog content helps you position your business as a reference in your niche. Aaaand in Reaching and gaining fans that spread the positive word about you.

Plus with ready to publish strategical content save you looooooads of time. Which you can use to focus on your other biz departments.

SEO friendly

Sounds like you- I stick with your brand voice guideline

Drive more traffic to your website


I write for your blog, posts that you need, with the keywords provided by you.



You will receive a content strategy in a form of a calendar for the next months (you decide for how long). It includes keywords for your travel or hospitality brand, publishing date, post URL, goal, H1 title, a title, and meta description.

Thanks to them I love what I do

Ewa ended the job on time and she understood quickly what we needed.

We absolutely recommend her.


Room Monitor, on Upwork

How we’re gonna rock your clients

The most important part of my work is the detailed research, necessary to create high-value work for my clients. So be prepared to receive many questions from me. About you, your business, and your ideal clients.

If you think you know everything about your hotel, hostel, or travel biz, you might be faced with questions you can’t answer. Things you haven’t thought were relevant to your ROI. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers. We can figure them out together. Only after deep research and knowing your travelers’ pains, loves, and what they dream about I sit down to write.

Why hire me as a freelancer:

You love the hospitality & travel industry? Me too, that’s why I work in it for over 10 years

I write in English & Polish (occasionally in Spanish)

No pay during sick leave, work insurance, parental leave, pension, getting an extra computer

No office space charges

You don’t need to think about employment conditions

Your budget-friendly prices 

You can’t find what you need? Write to me by filling in the form below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a sales tool. These are the words driving your ideal customer into taking an action. In your case- to hit the booking button. It’s also a way to connect a person with your service and to generate revenue.

In fact, there is more strategy and research in copywriting than actual writing. Copy’s job is to help your potential customer decide to book or not to book. That’s why you need to know your ideal clients in order to write persuasive copy for them. This means research is the KEY here. And then test your copy to optimize it even better.

Copywriting vs Content writing

The biggest differentiator of copywriting and content writing is its purpose. Copywriting’s purpose is selling. It’s the art of using the right words, at the right time and place. So that they match your ideal customers’ current life situation and introduce them to your solution. Meanwhile, content writing informs, educates, entertains, and inspires. Its goal is to bring valuable content that is interesting to your audience and that helps them understand your brands.

Both help you in converting online visitors into buyers. Content writing brings traffic to your website and copywriting helps you sell your services.

In fact, there is more strategy and research in copywriting than actual writing. Copy’s job is to help your potential customer decide to book or not to book. That’s why you need to know your ideal clients in order to write persuasive copy for them. This means research is the KEY here. And then test your copy to optimize it even better.

Do I need a copywriting?

If you want to sell, then the answer is a big YES. Too many hospitality and travel businesses focus on the cool website, forgetting about the words on it. Don’t get me wrong, website design is important but with pretty, persuasive words it becomes a powerful tool to increase your revenues. 

In the end, that’s what makes you different from OTA and your competition. 

You can learn more about how you can improve your website copy, by checking out my blog.

Do I need content marketing?

These days content marketing is essential to every business. If you have a strategy and publish consistently, you will be able to score higher in search engines. And it will be easier for your clients to find you. I’m helping you to create a content calendar with blog post articles that are optimized for your keywords. If you need help only with writing blog posts, I do it too.

Great content, both on the blog and social media builds community and helps your ideal customers to find you.

For who are your services?

I help independent hospitality and travel brands. Hostels, boutique hotels, b&b, travel agencies that create awesome experiences for their customers.

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