You might already have got used to me writing how awesome hostels are.

However even ‘the crazy in love’ me must admit, that there are some pretty bad hostels out there.
I still remember this dreadful feeling of wanting to stay away from the hostel for the whole day during my trip.

Until now I had 2 nightmare experiences as a hostel guest…

Buying the tickets to Paris for 20 euro seemed to be like winning the lottery. It was until I have realized how expensive Paris is. Back then I didn’t have very stable work (not to mention my unstable bank account) so I have quickly realized I have just shot myself in the foot.

Do you think it made me regret? Hell no!

I’ve started with the most important thing: finding accommodation. The silly me from the past did not realize that the price is not the only thing you should consider when you make a choice. In fact, there are many more things like reviews, overall rating, location, etc.

Well…back then I assumed that I will not stay there much time anyway. It is just for sleep. Wrong.



I wish I could tell you I liked Paris…

Once we have arrived at the hostel (which name I don’t remember) it didn’t look so bad. It was just simple. We have booked a private 2-bedroom. The room itself was ok, with 1 bunk bed, and a sink. I thought that as a place ‘for a sleep’ it had everything it needed.

The problem started at night…

It was a room right next to the bathroom. The walls between each room could be compared to the paper so you could hear EVERYTHING. Once I saw a sign on the bathroom doors, that it is not allowed to take shower after 22 I thought I can be at peace. I mean, people will respect that, right?

How silly of me…

People were taking showers almost every hour at night and in the early morning. Normally I’m not the type of person that has a problem with asleep but this was too much. From one side of the room noisy showers (and believe me…it was noisy) and from the other, snoring person in the room next doors.

view on Notre Dame Cathedral

The next day I thought ‘Ok, that’s not a big deal. I will just go to the reception and ask to change the room. It will be fine’.

But it wasn’t fine…

First of all the receptionist did not speak much English. Which to me seems kind of strange if you work in the reception in one of the most touristic cities in the world. Somehow I have managed to communicate and we have got a new room.

We didn’t realize that the change was for the worst until we have got back after the whole day of sightseeing.

view on Paris from the terrace

The room was located on the ground floor with the doors on the patio. In order to get to the bathroom, you needed to go on the outside (and it was winter, very cold and rainy) and go to the first floor.

To my another surprise in the room, there was absolutely NO PLUG. We were looking everywhere, and there was zero sign of not even one.

Coming to the front desk, the receptionist didn’t seem to care much.

Even more…he said it is a very good room because it’s not noisy. I looked at him like he was from the other planet. Do you call a room ‘very good’ if you need to go outside in order to pee, dressed in pajama in the middle of the winter when it’s raining?!

I don’t even remember if we have been given another room or not. All I can remember is that that hostel experience influenced a lot my impression of Paris. It was grey, I didn’t sleep very well and it was unbelievably expensive.

view on Paris from the top

After that trip, I promised myself that I will never again base my choices only on the price.

And that’s why in the next post I will share with you my tips on how to choose your hostel and not make the same mistakes I did.

Have you ever had a bad hostel experience? Share your story in the comments below!

Posted by Ewa Gabara

Posted by Ewa Gabara

Founder of Don’t Mess With The Receptionist. I geek out on hostels and I’m a long-time receptionist turned into a copywriter. I help the hospitality and travel brands conquer the world with words.

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